Can I get Oracle Certification for free?

Can I get Oracle Certification for free?

Oracle Offers Free Training and Certification for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle today announced it will offer Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) training and OCI certification* testing for free worldwide.

Does Oracle offer training?

The Oracle Learning Explorer program offers entry-level training courses and accreditation for Oracle’s entire product portfolio. It was designed to empower professionals across the globe to begin cultivating valuable IT skills. Start your journey today.

How can I learn Oracle Database?

Our Oracle tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals. Oracle is a relational database management system. It is widely used in enterprise applications. Our Oracle tutorial includes all topics of Oracle database such as insert record, update record, delete record, select record, create table, drop table etc.

Which Oracle courses are best for the beginners?

– Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate. – Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE Programmer. – Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional. – Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist.

How to get free Oracle courses?

An Overview of Java

  • Text and Numbers in Java
  • Arrays,Conditions,and Loops
  • Classes and Objects
  • Exception Handling
  • Inheritance and Interfaces
  • Java on OCI
  • How to start a free online course?

    Create an outline for our online course. To create a course outline,you will need to divide the course curriculum into main topics and sub-topics.

  • Choose your learning method. Decide on a learning method or a blended approach you want to follow and stick with it.
  • Upload your first online course.
  • Adding the learning material.
  • What does it cost to get Oracle certified?

    Becoming Oracle certified will turn you into a more skilled techologist.

  • Acquire new skills that will position you as a specialized expert in the global IT industry.
  • Learn to implement,develop and administer critical systems.
  • Step outside your comfort zone to develop a new sense of confidence in your technical abilities.