Can be brought up to speed?

Can be brought up to speed?

Note: You can say that you bring someone up to speed, meaning that you give them all the latest information about something. I guess I should bring you up to speed on what’s been happening since I came to see you yesterday.

What word means up to speed?

Similar words for up to speed: adept (adjective) adroit (adjective) au courant (adjective) capable (adjective)

What does bring you up to speed mean?

all the latest information
If you are up to speed with a subject or activity, you have all the latest information about it and are able to do it well: We arranged for some home tutoring to get him up to speed with the other children in his class. Before we start the meeting I’m going to bring you up to speed with the latest developments.

What does it mean to speed someone?

transitive to take someone somewhere quickly. speed someone to/across/up etc something: The train speeds passengers to Paris in just over three hours. Synonyms and related words. To go somewhere with someone or something.

Is more your speed meaning?

2. slang Suited to one’s personal skills or abilities. I think Ulysses might be a bit too advanced right now. Let’s start with something more your speed, like A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. We want to start expanding our business, as the small scale of this part of the country just isn’t our speed.

What does it mean to be on someone’s radar?

: being something someone is at all considering or thinking about A career in politics wasn’t even on my radar (screen) at that point.

What can I say instead of speed up?

speed (up)

  • accelerate,
  • bundle,
  • fast-track,
  • hasten,
  • hurry,
  • quicken,
  • rush,
  • whisk.

How do you use the word speed up in a sentence?

Examples of ‘speed up’ in a sentence speed up

  1. They groaned and panted, but they could do nothing to speed up her progress.
  2. He savoured the phrase as the traffic began to speed up a little.
  3. The memories flickered inside so quickly that they would have overwhelmed him if he hadn’t used his time sense to speed up his mind.

How can I speed up my new job?

7 Tips to Get Up to Speed Quickly in New Job or Project

  1. Meet with your project manager / team leader.
  2. Meet with your team mates.
  3. Look for a mentor.
  4. Setup the project.
  5. Do not worry about not delivering.
  6. Start with something small.
  7. Look for improvements.

What is speed in simple words?

Speed is defined as. The rate of change of position of an object in any direction. Speed is measured as the ratio of distance to the time in which the distance was covered. Speed is a scalar quantity as it has only direction and no magnitude.

What is speed in simple sentence?

The car was travelling at a very slow speed. 2. Slow down – you’re breaking the speed limit.

Is up to speed hyphenated?

The words in “up to speed” do not collectively modify anything, so hyphens are not required: “Companies need to get up to speed quickly on their regulatory requirements.”

What does keep me on your radar mean?

What is the best way to describe speed?

Some common synonyms of speed are dispatch, expedition, haste, and hurry. While all these words mean “quickness in movement or action,” speed suggests swift efficiency in movement or action.

Is it speed up or speed up?

Speed up! The past tense and past participle of speed up is speeded up. Tom speeded up and overtook them. The process is now being speeded up.

How do you speed things up?

7 Ways to Speed Up Your Productivity

  1. Narrow your focus. Distraction is the thing that slows me down the most.
  2. Run around the block. A little physical activity goes a long way to perk you up.
  3. Listen to 80s music.
  4. Watch car chase scenes.
  5. Use an egg timer.
  6. Set yourself a reward.
  7. Race a colleague.

How can I get faster at speeding?

5 Ways to Get Up to Speed on Anything Fast

  1. Decide What’s Important.
  2. Observe and Experience.
  3. Span the Globe (Virtually)
  4. Keep Your Yriends Close and Your Enemies Closer.
  5. Walk in Your Audience’s Shoes.