Are R1 brakes good?

Are R1 brakes good?

Performance is great. Definitely notice a difference in the initial bite when braking, nearly bounced my forehead off the steering wheel the first couple of stops. Braking from high speed has also been improved. They seem to dissipate heat well, with improvement in brake fade.

Does R1 concepts make good rotors?

I have used the drilled and slotted rotors on my Expedition before and really love them. They have a much longer life then the normal rotors especially on a fairly heavy Expedition around 5,500 LBS. I think they really cool much better then normal rotors.

How do I find out what size my brake discs are?


  1. ID = Inside Diameter: Measure from inside edge to inside edge.
  2. OD = Outside Diameter: Measure from outside edge to outside edge.
  3. Measurement from inside edge of mounting hole to inside edge of bolt hole.
  4. Bolt hole diameter: measure from inside edge of bolt hole to opposite inside edge.

How do I choose brake discs?

The best way to ensure you get the correct brake discs is to check the diameter of the brake discs already fitted. The diameter and thickness of the disc is illustrated below. To measure the diameter you may not have to remove the wheel, however it would make the measuring process easier.

What brakes does my car need?

Every car comes with two front brakes and two rear brakes. Older vehicles typically have drum brakes in both the front and rear. In contrast, modern cars tend to have either disc brakes on all four wheels or disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the back.

Where are R1 concepts brakes made?

About Us. Headquartered in Orange County California, R1 Concepts is the leading manufacturer and retailer of award winning automotive braking systems, namely high performance cross-drilled brake rotors and ferro-carbon and ceramic pads.

Are Eline rotors good?

As expected with this style of rotor, they are noisier than stock, you hear em “hum” when slowing down. Worth it, once you get em broken in(just drive like a normal person for the first couple hundred miles), these brakes STOP. Great pedal feel, no brake-fade during hard driving. And they look awesome.

How do I know if I need new brake rotors?

Signs You Need New Brake Pads

  1. You hear a squealing noise. Picture this: You’re out driving with the radio off and the windows rolled up.
  2. You hear a clicking noise.
  3. Bringing the car to a stop takes more time than it used to.
  4. The nose of your car pulls to one side when you brake.
  5. The brake pedal vibrates when pressed.

How long should discs last on a car?

You can find this information in the vehicle handbook or by querying with your car manufacturer. As a rough estimate, you can expect your brake discs to have a lifetime of around 80,000 – 120,000 miles.