Are Ping i25 irons still good?

Are Ping i25 irons still good?

The Ping i25 irons are an evolution of the Ping i20 irons and the advancements in technology have widened the appeal of this iron. It is still for better players, but maybe a few more in the 5-10 handicap range who aspire to be lower could consider these irons.

Are Ping i25 irons forgiving?

These irons might fit the biggest variety of golfers; they appeal to lower handicap golfers, yet offer forgiveness that a mid/high-handicap golfer needs. The Ping i25 irons are players irons that have amazing forgiveness.

How old are Ping i25 irons?

The i25 irons are made with game improvers and mid-handicappers in mind, and the technology on offer should get the players in this group get the most from their games. They went on sale in February 2014 with an RRP of £90 per club (with a steel shaft).

What is the loft on Ping i25 irons?

#8 Iron – 37° #9 Iron – 41° Pitching Wedge – 46° Utility Wedge – 50°

What year did the G25 irons come out?

Ping released the G25 irons in February 2013. Eight short years later, and it is near impossible to source a new set. However, the distance, launch, and forgiveness of the G25’s still give them relevance in the rat race of modern-day golf equipment.

When did Ping G25 irons come out?

15 February 2013
Ping G25 Irons – Product Details

UK Launch 15 February 2013
USA Launch 15 February 2013
Handicap Range Low High
Golfer Mens
Hand Availability Left, Right

What year was the Ping G 25?

What are the lofts of Ping G25 Irons?

The average lie angle of the Ping G25 iron series is 62.4 degrees. The average loft angle of the Ping G25 iron series is 37.5 degrees. The average length of the Ping G25 iron series is 36.5 inches.

What year did Ping i20 irons come out?

Ping launched its new i20 irons in 2012 | Golf Channel.

Is the Ping i25 driver forgiving?

The i25 adds some adjustbility, forgiveness and racing stripes. This driver really causes tee shots to race down the fairway. The crown racing stripes are going to be the talk about this driver.

When did PING make G25 irons?

When did Ping make G25 irons?