Are Ataca and alemana still together?

Are Ataca and alemana still together?

Dance duo and married couple Ataca y la Alemana are known around the world for their sexy dance moves, but behind the fame and the bachata dances is a couple that has remained strong despite their challenges.

Who is Tanja La Alemana?

Tanja “La Alemana” Kensinger is a superstar in the latin dance world. Go to almost any bachata or salsa club and I can assure you that most will know her by name – and if they don’t, they’ll know her infamous dance to “Te Extraño” with her partner and fiancé Jorge Burgos.

Where is Ataca and alemana from?

Humacao, Puerto Rico
Jorge “ATACA Jorgie” Burgos He, along with his dance partner, La Alemana, has the highest number of views on YouTube of any Latin dance artist with over 100,000,000 hits. Born in Humacao, Puerto Rico, Ataca comes from a family with a rich history of music appreciation.

Who is Ataca and Alemana?

Without a doubt, Jorge Burgos and Tanja Kensinger AKA Ataca & La Alemana are the most popular Bachata instructors and performers in the world. Since their debut in 2008 with their famous choreography “Te Extrano” by XTREME, their fame skyrocketed thanks to YouTube viral and sharing capabilities.

How did Ataca and La Alemana meet?

Meet La Alemana and Ataca Jorgie, aka Tanja Kensinger and Jorge Burgos. La Alemana is a dancer originally from Germany, who met Puerto Rican-born Ataca in Miami in 2008. The two passionate dancers knew they were destined to be together on the dance floor and have been performing as partners ever since.

What ethnicity is la alemana?

A: My mother is German and my grandmother was part Yugoslavian. My biological father is African-American.

Are El Tiguere and Bianca a couple?

Bachata Tiger is back! And he’s taking us back to the roots of bachata with his wonderful partner Bianca. Rudi Lopez, AKA “El Tiguere Del Mambo,” is a world-renowned DJ, instructor, dancer, MC, and event organizer from the state of New York. He was born to a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother.